Is my Itch an Allergy?

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A sudden urge to scratch that itch is an experience most people face. But its causes can range from annoying to concerning, depending on a number of different factors.

In many cases, an allergy is to blame, especially if the itch is accompanied with a red rash, small bumps or blisters. Pets, chemicals, soaps, cosmetics, foods, flowers, and dozens of other triggers can create an allergic reaction. Often avoiding the substance and using an over-the-counter cream is all the help that’s needed. For prolonged cases, or those where the allergy is unknown, however, a dermatologist can be your skin’s best friend.

Using a number of various safe and relatively painless options, allergy testing helps identify the culprit. During allergy skin tests, your skin is exposed to suspected allergens and then observed for reaction. This helps your doctor develop an allergy treatment plan to match your specific needs. Typically a skin test will provide all the information needed to find relief. Sometimes, though, additional tests and procedures may be used to diagnose a more complex allergy. As always, your dermatologist is in the best position to advise the right action for you.

Many testing options are available to determine the cause of your itchy skin, and the team at Windsor Dermatology is ready to help you create a personalized treatment plan. Call today to schedule your consultation.


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