Feeling Itchy? 7 Household Treatments for Insect Bites

A mosquito-free summer would be ideal, but no matter how hard you work at preventing those biters from invading your plans, avoiding them altogether is unlikely. Fortunately, when the inevitable arthropod assault happens this summer, you probably already have a remedy or two right at home.

Salt: Salt is an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory, so a paste of salt and water on the bite can ease swelling and itching.

Vinegar: For centuries, apple cider vinegar has been used as a natural remedy for all kinds of things. If you have an itchy bite, dab a drop of vinegar to help reduce stinging and burning sensations. It can also act as a natural disinfectant if you’ve been scratching too much.

Ice: Cold temperatures help in reducing inflammation. An ice pack, bag of frozen veggies, or ice wrapped in a washcloth is an easy way to cool a bite quickly.

Onion or Garlic: These stinky ingredients help both swelling and itching. They also have a natural antifungal property that can reduce your risk for an infection.

Lemon Juice: Lemons Simply slice a lemon and rub it on the affected area. You can also make a paste of lime juice and crushed basil and apply it for a soothing effect. You can use mint leaves also, they are known for their cooling sensation.

Aloe Vera: In the same way aloe helps with sunburn, it’s also a good solution to reduce itching and swelling, plus it aids in faster healing. Even better, chill the gel before applying.

Oatmeal: For itching that just won’t give up, an oatmeal paste or lukewarm oatmeal bath may do the trick.


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